Our Services

Interior Detailing Packages


Starting from $79.95

  • Remove and clean floor mats
  • Vacuum all floors and cloth seats
  • Wipe down all interior surfaces
    (leather, plastics and vinyl)
  • Clean interior glass
  • Clean door jams
  • Exterior prewash cleanser & rinse
  • Hand wash & dry exterior
  • Apply tire dressing

Starting from $149.95

  • Includes BRONZE package
  • Blow out all interior vents, and crevices
  • Treat interior plastics, leather and
    vinyl with UV protectant
  • Vacuum trunk
  • Shampoo/steam cleaning of any spots
    (fabric or carpet surfaces)

Starting from $249.95

  • Includes BRONZE package
  • Includes SILVER package
  • Full shampoo/steam cleaning of
    all carpet surfaces
  • Full shampoo/steam cleaning of all fabric
  • Wipe down and spot cleaning of head liner

Exterior Detailing Packages

Exterior Wash


  • Degrease and wash engine bay
  • Remove grease/brake dust from wheels
  • Claybar exhaust residue from bumper

Starting from $49.95

  • Hand apply one coat of GPS
    (Glaze/Polish/Seal) to all exterior surfaces
    including chrome, plastic trim and paint
  • Durable wax/sealant lasts for months