Our Services

Minor Body Damage and Spot Repair

All our paint repairs, large and small, are sprayed in our booth.

1 - Creases, dings and dents can all be repaired without a time consuming, expensive visit to the body shop.

2 - The affected area is ground down to bare metal and pulled out to restore original shape.

3 - Damaged area is then filled, sanded and primed.

4 - The finished product showcases our four step procedure of PREP, PRIME, PAINT, and CLEARCOAT.

Our repair cost is often below your insurance deductible, and can be paid without the risk of claims against your policy.

Bumper Scuff Repair and Cracks in Bumper Skins

Damaged areas are repaired to match existing body contours and shapes. When the finished painted surface is clearcoated, it blends in with the surrounding area.

1 - Parking lot mishaps, or minor fender benders, can cause frustrating expensive damage.

2 - Damaged area is ‘plastic welded’ in the front and reinforced with fibreglass on the back side.

3 - Affected area is repaired to match existing.

4 - When the finished painted surface is clear coated, it blends in with the surrounding area.

We Paint ALL
Accessories & PARTS

We will custom paint your running boards, mirrors, grills, bumper, hood, fender flares, … and all body parts.